This is a campaign to raise money for local causes.
Meet the Candidates

Steve Spence
raising money for
Meals on Wheels

Jeff Shearer
raising money for
Yarnell Fire Dept.

Stan Kephart
raising money for
Yarnell Daze

Honorary Mayoral "candidates"
campaign for their respective causes.

We "vote" with our dollar donations.

The 2017 campaign will kick off July 4th.
The winner will be announced end of September.
A terrific fundraising opportunity is approaching! A designee can represent your group in the race for Honorary Mayor of the Weaver Mountain area!

This is a three-month campaign, lasting from July 1st to September 30th. "Candidates" will earn as much money as they can, in this time period, in order to win the election.

No matter who wins, the money raised by each Candidate will go to the charity or project, in our area, he or she has chosen as their platform with a percentage going to the Weaver Mountains Chamber of Commerce.

This election allows you to vote as often as you like, the more the better. That is why the slogan for all candidates is Vote Early. Vote Often.

The more money that is raised the better for our community projects and for the Chamber of Commerce. Votes are dollars; therefore, whoever raises the most money is elected to the Honorary Mayor of the Weaver Mountains for the fiscal year October 2017 to September 2018.

Now is the time to consider your candidacy for Mayor, recruit your campaign workers, and pick your charity. If you are unsure of ideas for fundraising or have any questions, please call Vicki Velasquez at 623-932-0142.
Mayoral Campaign Rules & Specifics

-2017 campaigns runs for three months - July 1st to September 30th.

-Every dollar donated represents a vote.

-Anyone may vote.

-Everyone may vote as often as they like and for as many candidates as they like.

-Candidates may conduct fundraising events during the campaign period and advertise in the community and abroad. Creativity and fun are encouraged.

-The candidate with the most dollars at the end of the campaign is the winner.

-Each candidate (whether winner or not) receives 85% of their earnings for their cause, the Weaver Mountains Chamber of Commerce receives 15%.

-The winner will be the Honorary Mayor for a year and receive a badge to that effect.
There are no mandatory official duties.